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about US and the disc hangers

The Flatirons Disc Company is the North America wholesale distributor for the English Adhesive Disc Hangers.  The company is woman and minority owned and operated.  I run the company in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.  We have two wonderful boys, two crazy dogs, a lively Bearded Dragon lizard and a colorful Oscar fish.

The Disc hangers are used primarily for hanging decorative/collectable plates but can be used for other wall decor including metal, unfinished wood and some plastics.  The Disc hangers are available in 5 different sizes and can be cut to fit any shape and hold weight up to 6.5lbs.

It is simple to use, first clean the plate with soap and water, (even if the plate is new, as surface contamination may inhibit adhesion). Wet the adhesive side of the Disc and slowly agitate with your finger to activate the glue. When the glue becomes "tacky" apply the Disc to the back of the plate (ensure the hook is in the correct position for plate design). Press down firmly. Leave to dry overnight (24 hours).  Before hanging test the strength of adhesion by pulling firmly on the ring. This step will determine that the Disc has properly bonded. Hang your plate on wall and admire!

The Disc removes completely in warm water and will not remove back stamps, glazes, or any other markings.

Check out this website to see our Discs in action as Martha Stewart showcase a tutorial on how to hang decorative plates

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​-Vanessa Gallegos-

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso